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R2-D2 Star Wars Action Collection 1997 Vintage 12 Inch Action Figure

R2-D2 Star Wars Action Collection Kenner 1997 6" Action Figure

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"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...."

The adventure continues with this exciting introduction of exclusive figures from the Star Wars trilogy! Each figure is authentically styled with incredible detail.


Luke and R2-D2 ponder their fate after a crash-landing on Dagobah.

In 1997, Hasbro began working on some of the smaller-scaled characters for the Action Collection 12 Inch Figures line. The first three, including R2-D2, Yoda, and a Jawa, were eagerly anticipated by the collecting community. And all three became a reality as they arrived at retail in January of 1998. R2-D2 was a long-awaited release. Hasbro made C-3PO in the Collector Series line a year prior, and fans of this line were desperate to finish up the classic droid duo. The packaging of R2-D2 sources the character to Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, but the figure is clean, without any battle-damage or dirt added. It could very well be sourced to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope if the packaging was more generic. R2-D2 doesn’t come with a lot of articulation, but most of the key points are added. These points include a swiveling dome, swivel legs, a slide-out third leg, hinge-jointed feet, and a "brushed-nickel" dome instead of the chrome-style they give the 3.75” action figures. Also, of note, the feet have rolling wheels, which allows you to roll the astromech droid as needed in your collection. It’s a great interpretation of the plucky droid, and a great vintage piece for collectors.


Brand New, sealed in original packaging, which is in excellent condition (see photos).